How I Work

When can I see you?

   Daytime appointments are available Thursdays and Fridays. I am available for evening appointments on Thursday.  I do not book appointments by email or text message - you will need to speak with me by phone in order to book.

How long are sessions?

      The first session usually lasts 80 minutes and follow up sessions usually last 50 minutes. EMDR sessions can be anywhere from 50 - 80 minutes - we will work on the issue until it is resolved or we reach a good "stopping place". 

What are your fees?

 Payment can be made by cash, check or email transfer. I do not have a debit machine. My fee is $110 per hour billed to the closest 1/4 hour. This translates to $110 for an hour session and $165 for an EMDR (80 minute) session. 

Can I use my insurance benefits?

  •   Check your insurance benefits for "psychological" or "counselling" services. Psychotherapy is considered a medical expense and may be covered by your  extended health account, your  health spending account, or both.
  • I am able to direct bill for: Blue Cross and ASEBP (Alberta School Employee Benefits Program).  I can do a "preauthorization" on line (like they do at the dentist's office). This will tell me if you are covered and how much of the fee the insurance  company will pay and how much you have to pay.  To do a "preauthorization" I  need your coverage numbers, your full name, and your birth date. You can also find this same information out yourself by making a call to your insurance company.  
  • Great West Life, Sun Life, and WRAM all require that you pay and then submit receipts for reimbursement. Check to see what your coverage allows. Many company's now allow you to submit claims on-line by scanning them ore taking a picture with your smart phone. 

What to check for when looking at your insurance coverage: 

  • Check that you are covered for a master's level social worker (i.e. MSW, RSW) or Registered Clinical Social Worker (RCSW). Some plans only provide reimbursement for services provided by a Registered Psychologist.
  • Note the total amount of benefits (i.e. $750 or $1,200) and the renewal date. Some companies "refresh" your benefits January 1st, others on July 1st. 

What if I don't have insurance and can't afford those fees?

If you live in the Taber area, you are very lucky because there are excellent free counselling resources available. Consider the following programs:

  • Alberta Health Services - Addiction and Mental Health (403)223-7244 (Located at the Taber Hospital).
  • Family and Community Support Services: (403)  223-7230 (Also in the Taber Hosptial).
  • Services for Children: Horizon School Division Family School Liaison Counselling Program - check at your child's school.  

Contact me (Kirsten) at: (403)331-0352