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Welcome to Joy Rising Counselling Services

Welcome to Joy Rising Counselling ServicesWelcome to Joy Rising Counselling Services



Consultation for Therapists Completing Basic Training (EMDR Levels 1 & 2):

      I work as an EMDR Coach for Roy Kiessling (EMDR Consulting). In Roy's program, 10 hours of consultation is included in the fee you pay for basic training - so there is no additional fee to you. I offer consultation on Wednesday evenings (6:30 -8:00 pm) and Thursday morning (9: 00 - 10:30 am). I offer consultation by video conference so you need a computer and internet connection (i.e. virtual consultation). 

           You can sign up to join a group consultation by going to and searching by my email. Sign up for as many or s few dates as you would like - you have up to 2 years to complete your consultations for basic training. I offer these consulting groups by video conference - you need a computer with a webcam & microphone as well as high speed internet. 

NOTE: I am licensed in Alberta and am only able to provide consultation to professionals while they are in Alberta (if you live in BC or Ontario I would need to get a temporary licence in your province to provide consultation to you). The better plan is to pick a coach in your home province - see the last page of your training manual for a list of Roy's Canadian Coaches). 

Consultation for EMDR Trained Therapists

    If you have completed basic training but wish improve your skills, I provide both group and individual consultations. Consults can be done "in person" or by video conferencing. Fee: $150 an hour (shared if there is more than one participant). Contact me by email or phone at 403-331-0352. 

  The most cost effective way to get consultation is to join my Monday night consultation group for EMDR trained therapists. This group is available on a drop in basis and the cost is $45 per person. This group can have up to 6 participants and meets once a month - go to and search by my email. Note: You will have to scan and send me as copy of your license to practice and your EMDR Basic Training Certificate before you join the group. Payment is made by e-transfer and receipts are sent by email. 


  • I offer this work "in person" or by video conference (virtual consultation). 
  • Again I need to work with therapists that are in Alberta at the time of the consult (same reasons as above). 

Consultation towards EMDR Certification.

     If you want to start working towards being an EMDR Certified therapist please contact me about one of my certification groups. Certification consists of 20 hours of consultation work - up to 10 of these hours can be group consultation. A certification group must meet for  a minimum of 1.5 hours and can have a maximum of 3 participants. My consulting fee is $150/hr and the cost is shared between group members. Know that the groups meet once a month. It generally takes 1.5 - 2 years to complete certification. Know also that as part of the individual consultation hours you will need to provide videos of yourself doing EMDR with clients. See the EMDR Canada Website to get more information on the certification process or email me and I will send you 


  • I do this work "in person" and by video conference (virtual consultation). 
  • I am able to work with therapists that are in Alberta at the time of the consultation (same reasons as above). 



RCSW (Registered Clinical Social Workers) Candidates.

   Social workers with a master's degree (MSW) are eligible to apply to be a candidate for RCSW status. This requires supervision by an RCSW and a learning plan approved by the ACSW (Alberta College of Social Workers). I am currently working as an "other" supervisor for 2 RCSW candidates and am working towards becoming an approved supervisor for the ACSW Clinical Committee by the spring of 2021. 

ATPPI (Authorization to Perform Psycho-social Interventions)

   I am not yet doing this supervision but hope to be in a position to do to by the end of 2020.

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